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2008-07-29 11:25:02IsmAvatar
Welcome! Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Bienvenida! Tervetuloa!

Looks like this forum is starting to take shape.
2008-07-29 11:45:52IsmAvatar
And now you can post replies.
2008-08-06 09:08:20IsmAvatar
Unread posts is now working. Unlike other forums, which only show an icon when there's new posts, you'll find that my forums will tell you how many new threads and new posts there are.
2008-08-06 09:08:54IsmAvatar
Also, logging in and out will now keep you on the page that you were reading.
2008-08-07 13:41:21IsmAvatar
Two new features
* New lines are now displayed properly
* New posts have a different background colour
2008-09-10 12:10:43IsmAvatar
Fixed two bugs
* Logging out blocked you from logging in again. This is fixed.
* Visiting a board with new posts showed that each thread had the same number of new posts. This is fixed.

Also, I've introduced a "Remember Me" feature, which uses a cookie. I'll explain this in more detail once it's finished.
2008-09-16 11:03:46IsmAvatar
Remember Me feature is pretty much done, just need to look over it a couple more times to make sure nobody gets stuck at any
invalid cookie
pages like I did. You can find an explanation behind it at the Remember Me topic.

Also, a vast majority of the BBCode is done, as demonstrated above.
2008-09-18 09:45:45IsmAvatar
Threads listed for a board are now sorted by their last post date. Not sure how I overlooked this when I wrote the original forum software.
2009-04-15 19:26:52IsmAvatar
PickleMan has been helping to implement some features, like Moderator Support (now finished).

Do not ask to be a mod - usually that's a pretty good indicator that you would not make a good mod. At this time, the few hand-selected people who are mods are able to edit and delete posts, and open/close and delete topics.

Of course, we have a policy against censorship, so these mod abilities should only be used in trivial cases like duplicate topics, fixing typos or broken links, etc. or when you're just terribly off topic (these boards are for LGM, not pron)
2009-04-25 22:52:44IsmAvatar
We now have a Private Message system.
2009-04-26 19:05:28Bob the BlueBerry
Pron? Is that like cron?
2009-04-26 22:12:03IsmAvatar
No. Swap the R and O to see what it really means.
2009-04-26 23:33:47Bob the BlueBerry
You mean non-casual sex?
2009-04-27 03:26:19IsmAvatar
Yes, that would be considered off topic.
2009-04-27 13:31:54PickleMan
2010-08-14 18:57:00cheeseboy
What if I were making a pronographic game?
2011-04-06 22:29:40PickleMan
Really weird...I'm uh...setting