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2008-09-01 21:13:33bugeye999
I'm not sure this is possible, but maybe have another exe to compile and test programs. At least on windows where the testing is compatible.
2008-09-05 06:02:13Clam
IsmAvatar has written a plugin that is able to do this. It's still very experimental and most likely won't be released for a while.
2010-04-29 13:33:12blendman

Is there a way to compil the game made with LGM, in .jar for example ?

it could be great to run game in every OS, or to have web based games.

2010-04-29 15:08:57IsmAvatar
Recently we've paired up with the ENIGMA team to get their C/C++ compiler working as a library/plugin (DLL/SO/etc) to LateralGM. It is developed to be cross-platform, including support for the Wii, except that the games would of course require recompiling for different platforms.

At this time, this pairing is in a heavy development phase, although the latest versions from the repository are able to compile and run very simple games. Right now we're in a brief (~2 week) intermission for bugtesting and such, and then rapid progress should be made on adding support for all kinds of features (like sprites, etc).
2010-05-06 12:02:04blendman
Great news :)

And what sort of format will it be when this fonction will be ready ? (.exe, .jar, other ?).

I think it could compile for Linux (I have a multi-boot system with ubuntu/xp).

2010-05-11 15:34:18IsmAvatar
exe and elf.

Personally I've created a very simple click-the-clown clone (without sprites - so I used a circle instead of a clown) and tested it on Linux with much success.

We're beginning to approach the end of our two-week intermission and progress should start to pick up again.
2011-02-22 18:03:09rabidbolweevil
This is pretty exciting. I just discovered your program after not having used Game Maker in years, and it's a great idea. Are there any updates on the development of the compilers?
2011-02-23 22:26:03IsmAvatar
Is there any particular reason you chose to revive a dead topic rather than start a new one?

ENIGMA has become the de-facto compiler for LateralGM, and most of the discussion pertaining to LateralGM has moved to their forums.