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2008-10-06 01:00:43cheeseboy
One important thing lgm is currently lacking is way to create and edit sprites with multiple subimages. I think this should be made into a priority.
2008-10-06 08:54:40Clam
As far as I'm aware, the sprite editor is still in progress. Hence, it comes as no surprise that a detail like this hasn't been covered yet.
2008-10-06 10:51:23cheeseboy
Yes I know it is still in progress. I just posted this to hopefully up in your priority list :P
2008-10-06 18:16:48IsmAvatar
This is already a high priority, and LGM 1.6 will not be released without it. Many of these suggestions are "common sense high priorities" - stuff that anybody would expect a working program to have, and we already have them at high priority. That said, though, we are short on hands, and as such these "high priority" things still take a long time to complete.

Of course, don't be discouraged from posting suggestions/features, because even some common sense things may have escaped our mind or might not be so common sense after all.
2008-11-05 19:56:00IsmAvatar
I've added the ability to add/remove/rearrange subimages using some buttons which you will find under the Subimages tab as of r312.

Drag and drop is not supported yet, nor are keyboard shortcuts, apparently, even though you would expect the arrow keys to at least work on a JList.