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2008-10-07 16:13:34RichterStange
1. In Room editing mode, there is a list of all the tiles used in the room, with the function to change a selected tile's tileset. A useful feature to have is the ability to replace one tileset with another for multiple tiles (or all tiles) at once. This is useful for people who performed mergings using Game Maker and are stuck with duplicate tilesets.

2. Are there plans to implement the Merge Game feature found in Game Maker? If so, one sorely missing feature that could be added is the prompt for dealing with resources with the same name in the files being merged. This will be very useful for game projects on which multiple people are working. They can choose to overwrite the destination resources with the source resources of the same name, saving a lot of time optimizing or translating.
2008-10-07 16:35:46RichterStange
Sorry for double posting, but to add to the second suggestion:

When merging, the user is presented with a dialog box that contains these options if the two files have resources of the same name:

*Merge everything (old Game Maker way)
*Select what resources to overwrite (brings up new dialog box)
*Overwrite all
*Only merge in new resources (if the source file has resources that the destination file does not have)
2008-10-07 21:02:52IsmAvatar
Since I haven't implemented an Edit feature to these forums yet, double posting is acceptable.

1) This is already planned functionality, as you would see with one of the more recent revisions. We've created a "Batch" tab for tiles, which will offer features like this. This will not be available until LGM 1.7

2) Probably not until LGM 1.7. But thanks for the suggestions, we'll definately keep them in mind once we finish 1.6.