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2008-12-15 00:23:08IsmAvatar
We're looking to hunt down the last few bugs before releasing 1.6. We've already fixed all the important bugs that we know about. At this point, we're ready to see what bugs our users can find.
Please download the beta from our website, http://www.IsmAvatar.com/lgm/download.php and try it out. Don't forget to report any bugs you find.

In order to better report bugs, please also include a stack trace of any errors that may have occurred at runtime. To see errors, run from the terminal, like thus:
java -jar lgm16b3.jar

Remember there are 4 forum boards for you to post stuff in regarding LGM.
Bugs - Most important. We want to find out what bugs you can find. Devs will regularly visit this to find new bugs to fix before release 1.6.
Features - At this point we are accepting no new features for 1.6 because we're only interested in fixing bugs. However, you're still encouraged to post your suggestions for future releases.
Help - Can't figure out how some aspect of LGM works? Not sure how to react to a certain LGM behavior? Trying to modify parts of LGM but a little confused? Get community help here. Devs will also check in from time to time to help you out.
Feedback - We love to hear your feedback, success stories, etc. Even criticisms are welcome. We're giving you this software completely free of charge, and don't accept donations, out of the kindness of our hearts and philosophy of our minds. In a way, the best repayment you can give is your words of praise or your own philosophy on the matter.
2009-02-02 19:22:49IsmAvatar
We will be releasing a beta 2 shortly which will break all plugins that rely on the backend.

See Ticket #34 to see what changes are occurring.

This should be the last beta before release. As such, it is very important to find and crush the last remaining bugs. You can help by finding them, and we'll take care of crushing them.
2009-02-12 18:33:43IsmAvatar
Beta 2 begins with r347 with a new enumerated properties system for resources, as per #34 mentioned above.

We're making the last few preparations to release a jar build of beta 2, which will be the latest revision in the repo as of its release. We want to get rid of the obvious bugs so that you guys can use it without too much interruption, and so that we don't get flooded with bugfix requests.

A jar build of beta 2 will be out shortly.
2009-02-17 06:44:33IsmAvatar
A jar build of beta 2 is now available. You can get it from our website. The link is in the first post.

As mentioned, this will break most if not all plugins due to the new way of storing resources.

As usual, please please please Report Any Bugs, because we really don't want to release a buggy 1.6.

If everything goes smoothly, release 1.6.0 will be next.
2010-01-26 00:12:39IsmAvatar
We've released a jar build of beta 3, which supports GM8's file format. You can get it from the usual location.
We weren't planning on a beta 3, but we also weren't planning on GM8 to be released before we released.
This may break some plugins. Especially anything relying on image formats and/or the file reading/writing code/classes.

We're still looking for bug reports.