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2008-12-18 18:24:40tgmg
A menu option to refresh the current installed plugins, so they uninstall then reinstall themselves. this means when updating plugins during development we don't have to keep restarting lgm and opening a gm file.

It would save alot of time.
2008-12-18 19:43:07IsmAvatar
Plugins cannot be "restarted" via LGM, since they are responsible for their own existence. All LGM does is instantiate them and then release the reference, so as soon as they stop using themselves, the garbage collector comes along and collects them. However, LGM does have a loadPlugins method, which starts all the plugins it could find. So this could be achieved with a super-plugin which expects all plugins to have a destroy() method or similar. Alternatively, the plugin could be responsible for restarting itself. The most important factor is that any references between LGM and the plugin would have to be destroyed - any UI buttons, listeners, etc. before the garbage collector comes around, and LGM does not keep track of anything you add to it aside from ResourceFrameListeners
2008-12-18 23:58:05Bob the BlueBerry
G-Creator has this feature and all the plugins had to do was make sure they remove all of their existence in the PluginCore's uninstall() method, which would be called before System.gc() would be called, and it worked fine.
2008-12-19 00:59:22IsmAvatar
Yes, but we don't have an uninstall method, and a super-plugin could very well offer that. Or, like I said, individual plugins could offer it.