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2009-09-05 19:09:36IsmAvatar
This is a suggestion put forth by a user named Andrew. The idea is essentially to allow two image editors for sprite subimages. The reason is because sometimes you'll want to use a simple Paint-like editor, and sometimes you'll want to use a complex program like The Gimp. I definitely see this.

Therefor it is proposed that on the Sprite Editor, there should appear 2 buttons or 2 ways to edit a subimage (or sprite). Both of these should link in with the preferences to allow the user to select which programs (or to use the built-in editor, if one exists) each button accesses.

Some considerations: Shall the buttons be rename-able, so as to reflect which program they open? Shall the buttons be a default part of LGM, or added via a plugin? Shall Jeie, our intended simple image editor, be a plugin or built-in, and how would this effect these buttons?