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2009-09-09 01:56:04Bob the BlueBerry
for over 35 years? That's a pretty long time.
How long does it take to redefine casual sex, or is it a continuous process?
2009-09-10 13:24:21Clam
Well, it's been at least 3 years since that original forum post (and I have to pinch myself a little as I say that). http://ismavatar.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=lgm&action=display&thread=460

IIRC, it was placed there to see if anyone would read it.
2009-09-11 07:16:50IsmAvatar
Wow, nice find, Clam. Looking back over that thread really puts things in perspective.

And yes, it was placed there to see if anyone would read it. I edited it in once, and waited to see how long before someone noticed. It took such a long time, that it kinda stuck with us, and became our motto, pending a better motto (every time I mention that, nobody ever proposes anything better).

None of us, as far as I'm aware, is over 35 years old. Quadduc might be 3500 years old, but he was around before sex, so it doesn't really matter to him. I'd say it's mostly an ongoing process, at least until we restore the free love movement or find something better to do. How long that takes depends completely on how long people take to side with us. I'm fully confident that we'll manage to reach that goal before the final release of 1.7.