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2009-12-24 01:50:25IsmAvatar
Game Maker 8 has been released. Shortly thereafter, we finished documenting the new format. Check it out at
Notice the format has been broken into sections. I'll probably also make an html version of it to make it easier to jump to sections.

We're looking over the license agreement to see if it changes the way LGM can interact with the format. Soon, hopefully, we should have GM8 support in LGM.
2009-12-24 17:37:41Bob the BlueBerry
2010-01-19 05:23:06IsmAvatar
Today I committed r389 to the repository which includes the ability to read in GM8 files into LGM. At this time, they are only converted to GM6 (much like GM7 was).

Unfortunately we overlooked the new icons that GM8 supports, which GM6 and GM7 are happy to read in, but will crash when you try to run them. To avoid this bug, please replace your icon with a simple 32x32 @ 32bit icon before attempting to run your game in GM6 or GM7. This even applies with GM8 games with the default icon - it must be replaced or GM6/7 will not be able to run it. We should have this corrected shortly in the next revision.

We also haven't fully tested the registered functionality yet, because I held off on registering. Will do that shortly, but I suspect it should all work.
2010-01-22 13:56:27Clam
I've modified the icon code to support vista-style icons with embedded pngs, as well as adding write support. This will allow LGM to automatically strip off everything except the 32x32 portion of the icon. Also, the current file loading code has issues when more than one resource of any given type is in a gm8 file - the inflater needs to be told to finish for every iteration of the loop - so I've corrected that too.

Need to test everything a tad more, but the code should be committed within the next day or two.

edit: Committed - r390
2010-01-26 00:08:57IsmAvatar
Released LGM 1.6 beta 3 with these changes.