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2010-02-24 19:17:20IsmAvatar
With the recent release of GM8, I've realized that we've fallen somewhat behind in supporting new versions of GM. Originally, this functionality was expected to be one of the LGM 1.7.X releases, and combined with the LGM1.6 feature freeze, I didn't intend to work on it until LGM1.6 was released. But the release of GM8 changed that plan, so I've created a branch of LGM for better support of newer files. At this time, the idea is to get a basic ability to open any GM6, GM7, or GM8 file, edit it, and save as GM6, GM7, or GM8, without significant data loss. The primary focus of LGM1.6 will still be "Fully functional opening, editing, and saving of GM6 files", however we have now added "the ability to open and save GM7 and GM8 files" in that task list as well.

For those of you who just want to use LGM now, go get one of the betas - they should be functional for your purposes. The latest beta has GM8/7 read support, but simply converts it to GM6.

For those of you interested in development or playing with the bleeding edge GM8/7 support, check out from the repository, but rather than doing a root checkout, you'll want to get the 'versioning' branch.

Repository: https://opensvn.csie.org/LGM/LateralGM/branches/versioning
Browse Source: https://opensvn.csie.org/traccgi/LGM/browser/LateralGM/branches/versioning