more /root/Features/Not utilising the empty space.thread
2010-05-17 21:07:29flexaplex
It seems to me that you could make use of the black space (where windows are shown). A right-click context menu would be rather handy there, some options you could include would be:

- minimise/maximise/close current window
- create new resource with a submenu of the different resources
-show event selector

Double left-click in the space could also have functionality, I personally think that would be handy for closing or minimising the current window.
2010-09-08 14:50:44flexaplex
Can I also add to this the object action area space is also not utilised. Something like a right click in the area (when not clicking an action obviously) could be used to conveniently add a code action for example. Hopefully a right-click context menu will also be added for options when you right-click on them.

The same with the rooms. Right-clicking in both the instance area and in a room (when not selecting an instance obviously) could bring up the objects list to select from (I believe GM has this functionality when you left-click in the object area). Right clicking on an instance in the instance area could also bring up it's context menu (identical to shift right-clicking an instance in the room).