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2010-06-29 14:43:55nathan
How do i use LGM? I know this sounds noob :P

But, when i download lgm i only get .java and .class files.

So how do i, well, compiling isnt the right word, turn those files into a executable file?

Thanks in advance
2010-07-02 03:12:08IsmAvatar
This is explained on our website:
If you did not download from here, please tell me what website gave you the URL, because they should not be hotlinking the file (for this exact reason - it confuses people).

In answer to your question, re-read that page I linked. The file should not be extracted or opened as a zip, it should be a file associated with Java, not Zip, and should be run from Java - please ensure you have Java installed.

No compiling is necessary. It's already "compiled", it just needs Java to run.