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2010-07-04 03:57:10IsmAvatar
This will be a general status update on the LGM project currently.

--Where is LGM's dev?--
First off, LGM's development is largely kept on an SVN repository so that other people can help develop, view the latest development, gather statistics, develop plugins, or do whatever. SVN, for those unfamiliar, is a way to keep code/text changes - even small changes - on archive (automatically, of course), so that you can look at each individual change, which has many extremely useful implications that I needn't enumerate.

--How does the SVN work?--
That said, our SVN is split up a few ways. First, we split it up by project. Currently our repo only has two 'projects' - icons (no longer really under development), and the LGM software. The LGM software is broken up into 3 sections, called (SVN standard language) Trunk, Tags, and Branches. The trunk is the main, more stable development. Branches are for more experimental and less stable changes, which can be developed asynchronously with the trunk, meaning that sometimes they may have to do catch-up with each other. Tags are for marking a special revision, e.g. a release, beta, etc.

--Where is the SNV?--
Originally, LGM's repository was hosted on opensvn.csie.org, but recently that svn host ran out of space. Not to worry, we keep regular backups of the SVN, so if anything goes bad, we can still get everything back. As a result of the old host going down, I did a quick search for a new host, especially one with Trac support, and decided that XP-Dev would be a good solution if only temporary. I know that Quadduc used to always push for Secure, but when looking for free hosting with Trac, the options are limited. Of course, this is not set in stone - we could pretty easily rehost if we find something more suitable. For those of you who are saying "should have used git (or other service)" I'm open to change/suggestions, but realize that we currently have over 300 revisions, meaning that some sort of conversion would be needed.

Old Trac
Old Repository Browser (SVN no longer available)

New Trac
New Repository Browser
New Repo SVN

Now for the development status update. As mentioned in earlier announcements, we've created a Versioning branch, intended to add GM7 and GM8 save support. At this time, it does write GMK files (GM7 and GM8, your choice), as well as still supporting GM6. I haven't detected any corruptions, and have fixed all the problems I'm aware of. I'd still like to run some more tests and add some possible other features (as well as support some aspects of GM8 that I don't support yet, like triggers), before I merge with the trunk again. Although I haven't released any builds of it (waiting to merge before I do that), a test build is available with Enigma (SVN, website - not available in r3, only available in repo, but LGM is built already), or you can build it yourself using Ant and the other required/suggested tools, documented on our Trac Wiki.