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2008-12-25 03:01:54Bob the BlueBerry
Note: these links no longer work.
Click here and see!
I copied the CSS from the G-Creator IPB forums.

Unfortunately, the css parameter reverts to default when you navigate through the forums.
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2008-12-26 00:20:03luiscubal
I don't know if you may use IPB CSS, as it may be proprietary and restricted. However, I do agree that these forums could use some adjustments.
2008-12-26 01:34:09IsmAvatar
As demonstrated by Bob, you can actually make your own css for this site and apply it as a GET in the url titled "css". Of course, navigation usually resets it, but it's great for trying out your own styles. If you get anything good going, feel free to share it and I might implement it into these forums. If anybody needs any changes to the html of the forums, feel free to ask, although I might be a little hesitant to just start throwing div tags around everywhere like the zen garden does. Also, no requests to use a table layout.
Oh, and don't bother trying to hack it. I've put in measures against it, but if I think anyone's trying anything funny, I'll just take the feature away and you'll be to blame for ruining it for everyone else.

Realize that I use NFShost, which is a unique service where I actually pay for exactly how much webspace and bandwidth I use, so I'm extremely hesitant to install a full-fledged forum software because my rates would rocket and if anything broke or if I wanted to edit anything, forget it because I wouldn't know where to start - and then not to mention all the bulk stuff that we wouldn't even use.

This forum I wrote myself, and it occupies about 20 kb of space. Of course, it's not as pretty or as functional as one would like, but it gets the job done and it is extremely cost efficient.
2008-12-27 16:48:02Bob the BlueBerry
I got 100 billion TB of hard disk space and bandwidth + 98 available databases, if you want some.
2008-12-28 21:10:09IsmAvatar
Last time I went with something like that, it was up for about 3 months, and then the host lost all my data. I go with paid hosting because I know it's reliable, and I go with NFShost because of their philosophy.
2008-12-30 12:15:29Bob the BlueBerry
That would really suck. I've never heard of someone choose a web host because of their 'philosophy' before.
2009-01-01 21:30:15IsmAvatar
I'd never heard of a web host with a philosophy before, for that matter, but then I saw NFShost.
2009-03-18 15:44:00lieuwe
i made my own style, hope you guys like it:
2009-03-19 10:21:30Bob the BlueBerry
lieuwe's style is actually nice I hope Ism uses it or at least allows an option so you can use it.
2009-03-25 17:42:09lieuwe
thanks, made it in like 10 minutes, if ismavatar decides to use it, all the images/css files should be there for at least 10 years...