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2010-08-20 15:55:06IsmAvatar
Following some deliberation with the Enigma community, we've decided to change the logo, partly to match the theme of the Enigma logo, partly to do away with the red (which tends to be associated with errors - especially seeing a red icon in your taskbar), and partly to shift away from GameMaker's red icon.

The current icon:
SVG: http://svn2.xp-dev.com/svn/LateralGM/LateralGM/trunk/org/lateralgm/main/lgm-logo.svg
PNG: http://svn2.xp-dev.com/svn/LateralGM/LateralGM/trunk/org/lateralgm/main/lgm-logo.png

The proposed blue icon (by swapping the red and blue channels):
SVG: http://www.IsmAvatar.com/lgm-logo3.svg
PNG: http://www.IsmAvatar.com/lgm-logo3.png

And the enigma icon: http://www.IsmAvatar.com/enigma.png

To see all the icons together, you can go to the enigma forums: http://enigma-dev.org/forums/index.php?topic=599.msg6763
2010-10-31 05:54:13Bob the BlueBerry
the enigma icon has a glow to it, perhaps the same for lgm?
2010-11-02 14:45:54IsmAvatar
You mean the fade around the edges? I don't like that, it makes it seem like it's going out of style. I want to go more for the orb style, which makes sense to accentuate the cube effect of the letters.