more /root/Features/One Touch Expandable on Tree Splitter.thread
2008-12-30 12:31:19Bob the BlueBerry
It'd be real nice if the splitter splitting the MDI view and the tree was "One Touch Expandable" as dragging it is slow.

All you would have to do is insert one line of code in org.lateralgm.main.LGM:
297 		JSplitPane split = new JSplitPane(JSplitPane.HORIZONTAL_SPLIT,true,scroll,scroll2);
298 		split.setDividerLocation(170);
299 +		split.setOneTouchExpandable(true);
300 		f.add(split);
2009-01-01 21:28:02IsmAvatar
I'll add it in with the next bugfix.
2009-01-01 23:35:23Bob the BlueBerry
2009-01-08 02:12:20Clam
Personally, I find those tiny little arrows annoying to click on.
2009-01-08 02:20:35IsmAvatar
It's better than nothing, though.
2009-02-17 06:54:23IsmAvatar
Implemented in r356. Sorry for the delay.
You can also get this by downloading 1.6 beta 2 or later.