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2010-09-08 15:45:51flexaplex
I think it would be rather useful if a toolbar could be added with the functionality of the event selector.

Also when you click the event selector icon button when the event selector is already open could it be used to close it.
2010-09-09 01:46:55IsmAvatar
Could you clarify on the first request?

As for the second, I propose that this should only occur if the event selector is already in focus. If it is not in focus (e.g. hidden behind other windows), first click to bring it to front and focus. Second click would then close it.
2010-09-09 12:17:42flexaplex
I mean have it functional as a standard tool. I've hacked together a very lame example:


Obviously you would need to change it's functionality a little to get it to work. The sub-event choices like alarm, step, mouse, other can be chosen from a drop-down down list (just like collision object etc).

But I think this would be a highly useful feature since the event selector is used so much.

Can I also question perhaps having a resource toolbar, to add new resources. GM sort of has this, it's rather convenient also.
2010-09-11 22:13:31IsmAvatar
A resource toolbar has been suggested before. It has been dismissed for now because it can be achieved with a plugin.

I think your toolbar could also be achieved with a plugin.

The problem with toolbars is that it causes clutter, which can disorient and discourage a user. Take, for instance, the Eclipse IDE. Full of very useful features everywhere, but so cluttered that it discourages many first timers.
2010-09-11 23:25:44flexaplex
I agree, I have seen many a program with too many toolbars. However they can be set off as default.

And is it really complicating the interface? You already have the event selector as a window, it's not any extra functionality, just an alternative way of using it.
2010-09-13 16:19:45IsmAvatar
Good point.