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2009-01-26 18:36:55IsmAvatar
This may not come as news to some of you, but I have purchased the domain LateralGM.org, and currently have it redirect to IsmAvatar.com/lgm. Likewise, forum.lateralgm.org redirects to the forum (notice, forum is singular, I have not reserved "forums" plural because a forum is a collection of boards, and we don't have a collection of forums, only one).

Some time in the future, I will reverse this redirection, such that IsmAvatar.com points to LateralGM.org, so that LateralGM.org is the main domain instead. A year or two from now (distant future), I may possibly get rid of IsmAvatar.com and rely exclusively on LateralGM.org, seeing as my old website has fallen to deprecated code and I no longer update it, and most of the stuff there relates to GM5 or 6.0 (we are now on GM7 rapidly approaching GM8). I don't plan on getting rid of that website, I will just shift it to some folder like lateralgm.org/ismavatar or the likes.