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2009-03-15 06:51:25IsmAvatar
Since we're starting to have so many versions of LGM floating around, it is not uncommon for you to have a different version from us, which could cause us to not experience the same issue as you. As such, the following is strongly encouraged when posting:

#1: Please make sure you have the latest version of LGM to test and see that the issue has not been resolved already. Of course it is not always possible or desirable to get the very latest, since it may introduce more bugs than it fixes, and it's more to download. Thus #2 and #3:

#2: Please include your revision number. This appears on the splash screen and the About box, and is something like "r123". Note, this revision number is new for LGM 1.6 beta 2, and did not appear directly in the first beta and prior versions. If you are still on an older version, you're strongly encouraged to update.

#3: If updating is not an option, please state which version you're using (and include the revision number if it is available). Also it would help to specify why you are using an older version. However do not be surprised if your post is closed, because it's not unlikely that your issue was already resolved in a newer version.

#4: Include a copy and paste of any errors that LGM reported. "It doesn't work" does not give us much to work on, so we've enabled these error reports so that LGM can tell us what exactly went wrong in a language that we can understand.

#5: Run LGM from the terminal. To do so, simply CD into the directory that lgm is in, and then type java -jar lgm<version>.jar. When reporting your problem, look at the terminal to see what LGM printed out. Some of the stuff is normal, but it might also print out some errors that we weren't able to display with a popup error. Including the contents of the terminal can help us see this and better solve your problem.