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2009-03-30 05:32:59IsmAvatar
This thread is for collecting various GM suggestion lists. Many of the suggestions may have already been implemented by us, and this is not unusual. They are still useful lists, even if only for the sake of comparing a list of features that LGM has that GM has not implemented yet!

Notice, for lists posted on third party sites like the GMC or YYG website which are subject to change, it would be very useful if one of our supporters would archive the list onto a more reliably permanent medium.

Also, a great task for someone who wants to contribute to LGM but doesn't know how to program in Java, if someone would like to compile these lists into a single format, and then separate the IDE features from compiler/gml features (although keep these compiler/gml features, as they'll be useful for compiler devs), then compile them into lists of features we have already implemented and ones we have not, and then compile them into priorities (e.g. separate out the features that we will not implement, along with a reason of why we will not implement them). Of course, this would require some feedback from the devs, so whomever wishes to undertake this can feel free to contact us on IM, email, or other medium.

Unarchived lists:
id1> GMC, Experts, Game Maker Suggestions
id2> Zooming in the room editor

Archived lists:
id3> GM official suggestions list prior to YYG (thank god this was archived, it's no longer available from its original source)

Compiled lists:
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