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2009-04-15 02:06:49IsmAvatar
Special thanks to Leif902 for documenting the original. His documentation can be found at the bottom of this page. I've basically fixed up a bunch of bytes, and put it into my own format. I may have also documented some bytes he missed. If you really want to know who's responsible for what, just visit his site and compare it to mine.

This is a continual work in progress, so if you have any corrections, please re-download the latest version to make sure I didn't silently correct it, and then (if I haven't) please report it. I'm marking it as a finished product because it's as finished as it will ever be, with version updates from this point on.

Please download the gm6 file format to get an understanding behind my format and other background information like that.

There is only 1 download of this, as there are no "inclusions" that I need to beat around.

Version 2:

* Supports older lib version (F401) in addition to newer version (0802)
* Official limit (999/1000) applies to ID, not Version
* Line counts were removed in order to keep both versions in 1 file
* Code and Text Editor are 5 and 6, not 3 and 4.


Original (by Leif902):
2009-04-26 19:16:45Bob the BlueBerry
Top and bottom links are broken.
2009-04-27 13:34:03PickleMan
I cannot fix those. PM Ism about it.
2009-04-27 14:24:21IsmAvatar
I cannot fix the bottom link, as it is Leif902's website. I'll try and hunt down my last backup of libformat2 to get the first link working again.
2009-06-18 02:07:07IsmAvatar
I've re-uploaded version 2, so the link should now work.
2011-01-06 15:41:56YellowAfterlife
...Number of actions (changes to a different number in official libs.)...
is actually a number of actions 'for editor'. New action index will be set to this+1, by default (same as 'resource count' in gmk file format). So, it demonstrates, how many attempts on adding actions were made.