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2008-08-09 23:25:52IsmAvatar
Feel free to vote on these. The more votes for a certain feature, the sooner I'll work on it.

* PM system
* Edit posts
* W3C Compliance
* Redesign LGM website for tableless, and link up forums better with LGM website
* Markup (e.g. BBCode)
* Pages
* Moderator Support
* Complete Open Sourceness
+ More to come
2008-08-13 23:34:49cheeseboy
I vote moderator support so I can be a moderator :P
2008-08-30 18:43:55Bob the BlueBerry
BBCode, Edit Posts, Redesign LGM website for tableless, and link up forums better
2008-12-02 03:19:32IsmAvatar
As you'll probably have noticed, bbcode, edit posts, and tableless LGM website are all done. I just implemented edit today.
2008-12-17 04:55:34Authentic GameWarez
Awesome. Maybe you should update the interface of this forum a little. It's a bit confusing navigating in this blasted place. xD
2008-12-18 02:15:17Rusky
It's only confusing if you've never used linux :P

Maybe emoticons?
a nicer theme?
and if you're using XHTML you should serve as application/xhtml+xml
2008-12-18 04:21:52IsmAvatar
I considered application/xhtml+xml, but I was a little hesitant to give up IE viewers.
Then again, they'll have trouble downloading LGM anyways, as it'll try to download as a zip instead of a jar.
Thanks for the suggestions.
2008-12-20 21:36:11luiscubal
You should edit the first post to add "DONE" notes.
2008-12-21 00:06:12Clam
Uh, what do you think the strikethrough means?
2008-12-21 01:54:22IsmAvatar
Silly clam, I added the strikethrough in response to his request for adding "Done" notes.
2008-12-21 07:21:55Clam
Dammit.... *Resumes attempts to eat own head*
2009-04-15 02:27:23PickleMan
I believe the Moderator support is added...

2009-04-15 07:21:21Clam
Holy sh*t, I'm a moderator :P
2009-04-15 13:46:31PickleMan
Its great, isn't it!

Pm system
2009-04-17 01:46:40PickleMan
(Just waiting for her to review the PM system...)
2009-04-18 19:58:27PickleMan
Screenshot of the PM system:
<image no longer available>
2009-04-19 20:29:55PickleMan
The PM system is done.
2009-04-20 04:16:09IsmAvatar
Almost. Mostly. Still got a couple bugs to fix. Once it works, the "0 New Messages" thing will turn into a link which will take you to your inbox where you can also send messages.
We also need to add a "Delete" button.

By the way, if anybody with CSS skills can fix the "0 New Messages" thing so it's not on a newline for some browsers, that'd be awesome.

The current CSS is available here:
And you can use this link to test your own:
replacing mycssfile.css with the location of your css file.
2009-04-20 21:33:08PickleMan
Oh, Ill add the delete.
2009-04-25 22:51:53IsmAvatar
It should work now. I also added Delete.

We still need to fix the css so it's not on a newline like that.
2009-04-26 01:29:40Clam
A sent items would be nice too
2009-04-26 03:26:55IsmAvatar
It would only display messages that the receiver hasn't deleted, unless I store them in a separate table.
2009-04-26 11:11:29Clam
Separate table sounds like a good way to handle it.
2009-04-26 11:13:55Clam
Er...two things: Some javascript to disable the post button once the browser request has been initiated would be good :P Also, my moderator "delete" link won't work, it gives an error "permission denied to delete thread".
2009-04-26 15:51:43IsmAvatar
That should fix it.
2009-04-26 19:30:24Bob the BlueBerry
You need to put the pmsystem tag stuff as the first child of the toolbar element.
2009-04-26 22:14:57IsmAvatar
Could you clarify?
2009-04-26 23:36:05Bob the BlueBerry
2010-01-03 22:33:21IsmAvatar
I think I fixed the post button not working on some browsers. Having someone test it now.