more /root/Bugs/Save filename selector is slow.thread
2008-08-10 23:26:28Josh @ Dreamland
I'm feeling pissy that some of enigma doesn't work, so I'm going to report bugs in your software to feel better about myself.


Anyway, LGM's thing that acts like GM's get_save_filename()... It's slow. Like, painfully slow; and recently it just didn't look like it was gonna work at all, so I killed it.
2009-03-03 06:28:08IsmAvatar
This sounds more like a Java problem than an LGM one. I'm closing this as "won't fix".

If it continues to bother you, or if you can provide more information, open a new topic.
In particular, if you find that LGM's open dialog is considerably slower than a standard Java open dialog, that'd be useful.

Edit: Josh has reported that he no longer has problems with this.