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Patch: Created .gmk files with includes crash GMmedo125632011-04-27 01:55:59
Does not load GM8 files on macs?IsmAvatar230142011-04-17 22:59:32
Patch: Add version 8.1 and DirectPlay ID supportmedo126542011-04-17 06:48:40
Deleting Parent causes Child NPEIsmAvatar123142010-09-08 01:46:58
Xing Game Settings does not ask to saveIsmAvatar023012010-09-08 01:00:33
Extension Package treenode not added to GM8IsmAvatar124432010-09-07 19:50:31
Wrong ID range for tiles when defraggingmedo222812010-08-31 15:46:50
Maximized resources lose depth orderingIsmAvatar325062010-08-22 05:53:55
Pasting Actions Failsdaz325632010-08-22 05:46:43
Just can't open my GM 8 ProjektDragonGamer332302010-08-17 16:35:51
Lgm doesn't like my roomIsmAvatar224192010-08-16 13:45:56
Tree handled incorrectly for different version?IsmAvatar122562010-08-03 20:46:11
ResNode violates Front- and Back-end separationIsmAvatar023722010-08-03 20:02:37
Trigger IDs are not read inmedo122092010-08-01 21:45:25
Key Release "unsupported" eventIsmAvatar121412010-06-10 20:11:39
Object not foundIsmAvatar529012010-05-24 17:49:59
Copy Resource brokenIsmAvatar321992010-05-24 17:44:32
Save button overwrites gmk with 600 dataIsmAvatar125792010-05-24 04:25:57
Support GIFs with OverlayIsmAvatar021712010-05-18 21:12:55
Constants Value lostIsmAvatar223092010-04-10 17:58:56
GM8 Transparency Suggestionsbbgaming126152010-02-11 11:53:36
D&D does not worktie372225042010-01-07 01:35:59
Game ID Is Read IncorrectlyRusky131412009-06-13 17:53:53
global vs globalvarhans142052009-06-09 03:23:30
Game Info Frame glitchIsmAvatar225882009-03-22 15:52:20
v1.6 Beta 2 - Resource values changeRichterStange325422009-03-22 10:36:01
Windows Open Out of Viewcheeseboy328962009-03-20 19:47:18
Destroy_instance actionIsmAvatar225322009-03-19 05:24:56
Start moving in directiontgmg225802009-03-06 22:06:47
Non-Latin characters as "??????" Veli225672009-03-03 06:29:10
Save filename selector is slowJosh @ Dreamland127032009-03-03 06:28:08
Frame Link selector does not workBob the BlueBerry826222009-03-03 03:05:38
File AccessIsmAvatar125472009-01-16 18:36:52
Room editor - Still slowluiscubal932212009-01-14 03:13:47
Key Selector doesn't recognize some keysluiscubal425322009-01-08 02:08:25
Start Moving in a direction editor - no arrowsluiscubal324342009-01-06 20:01:22
Stuff in Resource Menu does not workBob the BlueBerry223562008-12-25 02:34:57
Show Information does not workBob the BlueBerry225612008-12-25 02:34:44
1945.gmd Does not workBob the BlueBerry232242008-12-24 02:20:59
Sprites don't ask to savecheeseboy124692008-12-23 23:53:15
Open With does not work in UbuntuBob the BlueBerry228572008-12-23 20:09:35
nokey event = unknowntgmg427292008-12-21 21:26:25
Added room and corrupttgmg232682008-12-18 21:55:11
Room editor - Use of tiles too slowluiscubal928062008-12-18 20:57:36
Event Selecter in 1.6 Beta has no IconBob the BlueBerry223892008-12-15 03:36:48
Room window way too bigBob the BlueBerry323652008-12-14 09:10:17
Shift-Delete and a couple other bugsIsmAvatar830122008-12-08 12:05:53
Repository screw-upIsmAvatar125732008-10-19 23:55:43