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2008-10-19 21:53:40IsmAvatar
Our repository appears to have encountered a strange bug or something which caused it to screw up at r307. An investigation as to the cause of this bug and possible solutions is pending. Until this case comes to closure, you are advised to stay with r306 or prior. I will keep you posted on the status of this case as it unfolds.
This is no cause for concern, as Quadduc has been keeping backups for in case anything were to go bad.
2008-10-19 23:55:43IsmAvatar
r307 appears to have been caused by a bug or misunderstanding about Subclipse, and r308 to r309 were attempts to revert it, but led to r1 and r2 being re-uploaded. By r310, everything should be back to normal again.

The repository is safe to use again, and it is safe to checkout from svn. The only inconvenience is that it's very difficult to see exactly what changes occurred in the code around r307-r310.