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2008-12-08 14:43:32Bob the BlueBerry
When I open a room in the room editor, the size of the windows is bigger than my screen resolution. The window width is probably 1280 pixels wide. I can't really tell what the height is.
2008-12-08 23:21:58IsmAvatar
I cannot reproduce this. For me, they are a little smaller than 500x500.
2008-12-12 18:15:46IsmAvatar
Further investigation with the assistance of Bob has indicated that GM itself stored a large size in the gm file, and LGM was only doing its responsibility to reproduce this size. We'll look into potential ways of better handling rooms with extremely large stored sizes. I'm thinking maybe setting them to full-screen.
2008-12-14 09:10:17IsmAvatar
fixed in r328. RoomFrames which are both too wide *and* too tall get maximized. Notice, a bugfix was attempted in r326, but caused more problems rather than fixing them, so it was reverted in r327. r328 applied a working bugfix.