more /root/Bugs/Event Selecter in 1.6 Beta has no Icon.thread
2008-12-15 00:58:20Bob the BlueBerry
The Event Selector in the LateralGM beta has no icon in the toolbar and appears as a blank box, however, in the latest SVN build an icon is shown.
2008-12-15 01:32:59IsmAvatar
A quickfix to this problem would be to copy the event.png icon from events/ to actions/ and then update main/icons.properties to reflect this move. This can be done without recompiling.

We're currently looking into why this is, and how to fix this strange behavior without having to move the icon.
2008-12-15 03:36:48IsmAvatar
I had just forgotten to include the icons/events/ folder in the jar. If you had built your own jar, you would not have experienced this problem.

I've added it to the jar so this problem should now be solved.