more /root/Bugs/nokey event = unknown.thread
2008-12-20 11:33:55tgmg
The no key event appears as unknown key event instead of nokey event.
2008-12-20 22:06:32IsmAvatar
Resolved in r332. Redownload the beta.
2008-12-21 07:01:53IsmAvatar
In r333, the Event Selector now also supports the No Key and Any Key events. If you downloaded before 20081221T0700Z, redownload the beta to utilize this.
2008-12-21 20:51:16Bob the BlueBerry
Seriously, who knows what "20081221T0700Z" means?
2008-12-21 21:26:25IsmAvatar
It is ISO standard date and time format (ISO 8601). Anybody with a government job, an international job, any programmer who must use dates and times and takes their job at all seriously, or anyone involved in anything of any reputability in non-propriety should know ISO standards.