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2008-12-23 23:26:42luiscubal
Keys such as '+', '<' and tab don't seem to work.
Also, '-' is mistakenly interpreted as 'insert'.

(I'm using a Portuguese QWERTY here)
2008-12-23 23:50:50Clam
Hmm, the '+' etc. is probably due to it grabbing the shift key first. Perhaps the simplest solution would be to make it ignore the shift key and make shift available from the menu. I think I remember the '-' problem too, I'll have to look into it.
2008-12-24 00:58:17luiscubal
In my keyboard, '+' is the 'lowercase' of '*', so I'm not pressing shift when I write it.
2008-12-24 02:23:33IsmAvatar
Game Maker does not support these keys. Not a bug.
2009-01-08 02:08:25Clam
I realised right after I wrote that that those keys aren't supported, however the '-' being mistaken for insert is something I've confirmed and will commit the fix for soon.