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2010-04-02 20:17:01IsmAvatar
LGM version: 16b3 and r415 both exhibit the problem
OS: Linux Ubuntu 9.10

Steps to reproduce:
In short:
1) In a new game, create a constant with a name and value
2) Save the game, click "new game", and then load the game
3) Look in constants. Notice value is missing.

1) Open LGM (thus allowing a new game)
2) Open Game Settings > Constants tab
3) Add
4) Double click on the new constant name field, type in something (such as "asdf")
5) Double click on the new constant value field, type in something (such as "jkl;")
6) Save game settings
7) Save game
8) New Game
9) Load game
10) Open game settings > Constants tab
Notice Value is missing.
2010-04-02 21:32:36IsmAvatar
The loss occurs after typing in the value. Clicking off of the value (e.g. the "Save" button) does not commit the value with TableModel.setValueAt(val,row,col).
Additionally, step 5 may be omitted, or steps 4 and 5 may be done in inverse order, in order to have the name field not saved.

A workaround for this problem is, between step 5 and 6, to simply single click on the name field again (or value field, if the name field is currently being edited), which will commit the editor. Alternatively, the Tab or Enter key may be pressed to commit the value.

Regardless, I'm leaving this open, because clicking the Save button should commit the value.
2010-04-10 17:58:56IsmAvatar
This is java bug 4709394. A workaround has been implemented in r416 (r420 for the versioning branch).