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2010-04-12 18:29:45IsmAvatar
This behavior is very simple to reproduce, however, difficult to verify since it's difficult to tell if something is in GM6 format without opening with a hex editor or checking for missing features.

LGM version: beta 3, r421, and the versioning branch (r421).
OS: All

To reproduce: Run LGM, open any GMK file (GM7 or GM8), and click the "Save" button.
LGM will replace the original GMK file with a 600 version file of the same filename and extension, as well as producing a .gb1 of the original file (in the original format) with the original filename and extension with .gb1 appended.

To verify: Open the gmk file with a hex editor, and look at the 4th and 5th bytes, which will now read 0x58 and 0x02 respectively, which is 600 in little endian

Workaround: Don't use the save button. Use Save-As instead.

Desired behavior:
The desired behavior is largely undefined, since the concept of "Save" doesn't really make sense since saving in GM7/8 format isn't even supported in non-versioning branch (aka trunk) LGMs. As such, it's hard to say how the trunk should handle this behavior. Some possibilities are:
* Disable the save button if the version is not a supported output format.
* Treat the Save button the same as the Save As button if the version is not a supported output format.
* Maintain the current behavior
* Rename the file to .gm6 extension

The desired behavior is a little bit easier defined in the versioning branch if the output format is supported: Allow the save button to save in the appropriate output format (namely, GM7 or GM8 for gmk files). This is a non-issue at this time since the scope of the versioning branch, namely to support these formats in the first place, should automatically solve this problem.

However this bug is to remain open until either a workaround is added to the trunk, or a stable build of the versioning branch is made available that solves this problem, in order to ensure that the bug is indeed addressed and solved.
2010-05-24 04:25:57IsmAvatar
Corrected in r433, versioning branch, by introducing a version selector in the Save As box, and introducing a warning message if the version doesn't match the extension.
Also, opening a GMK and clicking "save" now defaults to saving in the proper GMK format (same version that it read in). This is the desired behavior outlined above.