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2010-06-09 01:09:33IsmAvatar
Only tested with latest revision from versioning branch.
Steps to reproduce:
1) Open LGM
2) Create Object
3) Open Event Selector
4) Select Key Release
5) Insert a key into the key selector, such as the letter "D"
6) Add the Event (e.g. by right clicking it)
7) Observe that the object's new event is named "Unsupported <KEY>" where KEY is the key you input. For example, "Unsupported <D>" if you used the letter "D".

This does not effect the other keyboard events. This may be related to some changes made a long time ago in which I had to fix a similar bug.
2010-06-10 20:11:39IsmAvatar
This was a simple typo in messages.properties, around line 375, under the Triggers section

Event.EVENT10_X = Unsupported <{0}>

Should be an 11 instead of a 10.
Event.EVENT11_X = Unsupported <{0}>

This has been corrected in r443, and can be corrected manually in prior versions without needing to recompile, simply by doing the aforementioned workaround.