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2010-08-03 20:02:37IsmAvatar
This bug does not exhibit behavior that effects the end user, but rather intermediary developers who may wish to adapt from LGM's backend.

The problem is that GM's resource tree is almost essentially a backend aspect, especially considering it takes place in the GM file and effects the room execution order.

ResNode satisfies this purpose, but also has much front-end coding - code referring to UI. This causes problems for anybody who wishes to use the LGM backend without the frontend, or for someone who is trying to replace the frontend. ResNode must be gutted and replaced with at least two components - one for exclusively backend, the other for frontend.

I expect this operation to be extensive, due to the tricky nature of the tree structure, and its heavy involvement with Drag and Drop, as well as the tree being heavily linked in to other components for updating the resource names. Ideally, the tree should only reflect (albeit strictly) the backend, and functions on the tree should be immediately and properly acted upon in the backend without revealing (or compromising) the front-end structure.

This problem may be residual from the fact that the tree was one of the very first components developed for LGM, with everything else added on top.