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2010-08-15 16:26:57cheeseboy
In lgm 1.6 b3 it wont show the grid for "lvl_1" in my game.
Also lgm ask to save changes to any room even if I don't edit it at all.

gm6 file: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B9zyQd2reupuMjIzMWQxNmQtMTc3NS00Yzg3LWExZTctOGExZTk5ZjFkYmIz&export=download&authkey=COuvntsL&hl=en

P.s. Why cant you attach (small) gm6 files to posts yet?

2010-08-15 21:36:23IsmAvatar
Grid Bug confirmed. Cause unknown at this time.

Asking to save is a known problem that we're working on correcting and will have fixed in time for 1.6 release.

You can't attach files because of the potential for abuse. Just use upload services. For more discussion on this, go to either General or Forums & Website
2010-08-16 13:45:56IsmAvatar
Grid Bug is not a bug, it is intended behavior when the grid size is set to too small, as is the case here.

I'm keeping this open only as a reminder to fix the Asking to Save bug.