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2010-09-01 15:42:09IsmAvatar
Problem: When starting LGM with a new file, the default GM6 settings take place, meaning that there is no Extension Packages tree node. If you then attempt to save as a GM8 (800, gmk) file, the tree node is still not added, causing the file to be one tree node short. I'm not sure if this confuses GM.

Workaround: There is no workaround to this short of adding a plugin or directly modifying LGM's source code to add an additional tree node.

Proposed solution: Initialize LGM as a crosswalk and include the Extension Packages treenode. Optionally omit the node when saving as GM6.

Auxiliary: Implement Extension Packages. Apply icon.
2010-09-07 19:50:31IsmAvatar
r454 adds the node to the tree, essentially initializing LGM as a crosswalk. Deeper Extension Package support is still needed.