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2009-02-17 06:12:19IsmAvatar
Sometimes, you'll run LGM, and then you'll go for the Game Information, and it will show up with a really tall widget (which happens to be a dropdown for fonts), and none of the other GUI stuff there except the menu.

We are trying to hunt down this bug, but it's difficult to reproduce since it only appears sometimes, a kind of first-run kind of thing.

A common workaround, if you run into this, is to simply restart LateralGM, and the problem will fix itself. Note that closing and re-opening the Game Information usually does not solve it.
2009-02-19 04:05:37Clam
There is a vague chance this has something to do with the frame being built in a thread. As far as I know swing components can be manipulated in any thread so long as they are not visible, but that may not be true, or something may be being accidentally activated prematurely...
2009-03-22 15:52:20Bob the BlueBerry
You could try putting your code stuffs in SwingUtilities.invokeLater(Runnable r) so it'll be invoked after the other frame stuff has been completed.