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2009-03-18 20:37:21atilla
Please try to check the "destroy_instance" action at Main1 tab.
I'm not sure, but the number of arguments(at gm6 file structure) in this action probably is zero.
So, the index of desired object for deletion(placed onto argument[0] in valid case) can't be defined.
2009-03-19 04:04:38IsmAvatar
Please check out the way GM handles it. You'll notice that it does not offer any arguments for which object to delete. Instead, you specify it in the "Applies To" section.
As you can see, LGM and GM handle it the same, so this is not a bug.
2009-03-19 05:24:56atilla
Yeah, of course. This is my mistake, caused by fact, what the "native" gm6 have a 8 arguments in each action allways. Sorry about warrant