Ensure that the file downloads as a *JAR* and not a zip. It is a common bug in IE (among many) to try and download it as a zip. I'd advise individuals experiencing this problem to either use a better browser, redownload, or attempt to rename the file to have the .jar extension.

You will need the Java 6 Runtime or later installed (Linux, Win/Mac/Other). You can either download the Java Runtime Environment or, if you want to compile Java code yourself, the larger JDK. Java 5 is also supported, if necessary, but you will also need the SwingLayout-LGM.jar to be placed in the same directory as LGM.

Latest version:

Download LateralGM 1.6 beta 4 (lgm16b4.jar ~1.5MB) from the ENIGMA repository. This version is usually rebuilt every couple of LGM revisions, so redownloading from the same URL will usually give you the latest available build.

You are also strongly encouraged to visit the ENIGMA website for more information, a compiler, forums, and a comprehensive wiki (LGM also shares the Wiki and Forums). Note that installing ENIGMA typically also includes the latest build of LateralGM.

Older versions:

Prior versions are available on our old forums.

Other sites of interest