We strongly urge you to visit the ENIGMA website in order to get the full game development environment, compiler, forums, and a comprehensive wiki (LGM also shares the Wiki and Forums). Note that ENIGMA also includes the a newer build of LateralGM.

The downloads on this website only provide LateralGM by itself, and is mostly maintained for compatability with Game Maker.

Ensure that the file downloads as a *JAR* and not a zip. It is a common bug in IE (among many) to try and download it as a zip. I'd advise individuals experiencing this problem to either use a better browser, redownload, or attempt to rename the file to have the .jar extension.

You will need the Java 6 Runtime or later installed (Linux, Win/Mac/Other). You can either download the Java Runtime Environment or, if you want to compile Java code yourself, the larger JDK. Java 5 is also supported, if necessary, but you will also need the SwingLayout-LGM.jar to be placed in the same directory as LGM.

Newest Version:

All new versions of LateralGM are available from the GitHub Releases page.
No one updates this page, anymore.

Older versions:

Prior versions are available on our old forums.

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