LGM is a haphazardous mesh of interesting people from all different cultures and all different countries. As a result, we tend to get along like peas in a pod. Here's our current mishap:

Our Team
IsmAvatarGreedy fascist dictator who pretends like it's a team effort.
RobertColtonIf IsmAvatar were Darth Sidious, Robert is Darth Vader.
QuadducSecretly wishes he could take over the project, and is sick and tired of these incompetent fools.
TGMGBackstabbing bastard who left us for another woman.
DeathFinderxxHe will eat you, and then draw a picture of him eating you and drawing a picture of...
JoshStill trying to digest everything.

And we're always looking for more help.

... Ok so I wasn't completely honest. Here's our actual team layout:

Our Real Team
IsmAvatarOriginal Project Leader, Lead Programmer, and handles the Philosophy, Politics, and Website. Also documented all the different GM file formats.
RobertColtonNew Project Leader for interfacing with the ENIGMA project. Robert stepped up to the plate to take over a lot of the old duties of IsmAvatar.
QuadducInvaluable programmer who has helped us with licensing, string externalization, the Group Layout for the different frames, and other important programming practices. He also figured out the GMK's obfuscation, so we're most thankful for that. He also drew up a lot of our graphics, like the library graphics and our icon/splash screen.
ClamProgrammer who wrote our file reader and writer, and most of our back-end. He's done a lot of other stuff, too, but he's too apathetic to mention it.
TGMGProgrammer who helped get the ball rolling, by helping to design some of the initial frames, and set us up with SVN. He eventually stopped helping to focus more on G-Java (now G-Creator).
DeathFinderxxGraphic artist who drew up all the tree graphics or resource images.
JoshProject Leader of Enigma, which we've started using as a compiler.